woman profileAs a freelancer, you want to offer a beautiful, awesome service to your clients. But too often, you get mired in the muck of “running a business:” tracking your billable time, sending invoices, following up on networking leads, fixing broken web links… It’s draining, time-consuming and expensive.

Whetstone will make it easier for you. We’ve created the perfect freelancing support package, which includes:

  • Basecamp – one of the best project management software systems. Helps you organize your projects so you can see what needs done, by when, for each client.
  • 17Hats – manages your contacts, lead emails, invoices, bookkeeping and more
  • Creative Cloud – the entire Adobe suite, including InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier Pro

But wait! There’s more – we provide human help too!

  • Administrative help – Offload those little admin jobs to us: scheduling, finding locations, ordering products, making reservations, waiting on hold… simply complete the request form and we will complete the task as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours
  • WordPress help – Ah, the allure of an “easy-to-maintain” website has ensnared many a freelancer. Turn your thorniest WordPress questions over to us and we’ll save you the headaches.

ALL of this could easily cost you thousands of dollars.

As a Whetstone member, your price is simply $100 per month, available on a month-to-month basis.

Bonus! Sign up for 6 months and get a $50 discount (total due: $550)

Double bonus! Sign up for 12 months and get a $200 discount – yep, that’s like getting 2 months free! (total due: $1000)

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The fine print:

Whetstone Workgroup members receive access to these software systems and human support within 24 hours of registration. Passwords are valid for members only and may not be shared. Access is granted on a monthly basis, with payment set to auto-renew every thirty (30) days, unless you give us one week notice in writing. We understand the freelancer’s feast-and-famine cycle, so it’s no problem to suspend your account when needed and start back up again when needed. Any member that shares protected password information or otherwise attempts to misuse, misrepresent or commit fraud against Whetstone Workgroup will have their account suspended immediately.